Loc Keokea

Brittle Star at Keokea Beach

Finding Brittle Stars

Brittle star, also called serpent star, any of the 2,100 living species of marine invertebrates constituting the subclass Ophiuroidea (phylum Echinodermata). Their long, thin arms—usually five and often forked and spiny—are distinctly set off from the small disk-shaped body. The arms readily break off but soon regrow. Among the basket stars, a type of brittle star, each arm may branch multiple times, and the outstretched arms reach nearly 3 feet across. Most basket stars live in deep water. These Brittle stars were found in 1 – 3 feet of water by turning over rocks.

Loch also found one the color of the one shown on Britannica where This information was taken from. Britannica for more interesting information.

A county park named Kēōkea is on the north coast of the Hawaiʻi Island. In the Hawaiian Language kē ō kea means “the sound of whitecaps”, or “the white sand”. Wikipedia…

There is as you can see some sand. Just enough for the kids to have a great time safely in a small protected area. Surfers will sometimes surf there it can get rough and has a rocky bottom. It is a nice and scenic place however.

Keokea is located in North Kohala, The “Big Island”.

Keokea Beach Park